So you’ve been thinking of that movie you saw on TV 10 years ago and you want to see it again.

Try requesting it from Thomas Video. Many of our new release each week are as a result of our customer’s requests. Either request in person or leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

P.S. Be sure to tell us why we should get it.


67 responses to “Requests

  1. ‘Day for Night’ by Francois Truffaut.

    Why? …because Thomas Video’s Truffaut section is really very small. It’s supposedly one of his best pictures. And, I haven’t seen it – and want to oh so badly, but not oh so bad enough to pay for it myself. Plus, others should get to see it! And… and… Jacqueline Bisset is in it. Which I think is more than enough reason to have it on your shelves!

    Oh, and yes, some Preston Sturges pictures would be good. I’ve only seen ‘The Lady Eve’ and ‘Sullivan’s Travels’ and feel very guilty about that. And I wouldn’t feel so guilty and ashamed if I could rent it from Thomas Video. PLUS, from what I’ve seen, it has to be almost impossible not to like a Preston Sturges movie. You’d have to have a heart of stone and no funny bones…

    My arguments are weak, but I think…

    -maybe some Josef von Sternberg pictures too-

  2. Les Doulos!! More Melville in general!

    Truffaut is a total bore! There is a reason Thomas doesn’t put his films on the shelves.

  3. Oh because we all love Melville…it’s also a new release on Criterion…which means you could try to sell it first. I’d buy it.

  4. Do you think you would be able to get a hold of the “Strong Bad Email” dvds? I’d appreciate it! I don’t really want to buy them, and it’s hard to find them at video rental places. They’re pretty good though.

  5. Hi,

    Yes it is available to purchase only at this point.

    Internet Flash Animation Sensation

    A handsome boxed set containing three full DVD’s featuring the first one hundred Strong Bad e-mails, with all of the hidden scenes and other easter eggs intact!!

    * Special features include three previously unreleased Strong Bad E-Mails!

    * Also, hidden character and creator commentary!! Have fun trying to find ’em!!

    * Four Karaoke Videos!!

    * Over an hour of never-before-seen puppet stuff, behind the scenes action and other hilarious antics!!

    * Region FREE so it’ll play in DVD players all over the world!


    We are not likely to get this in the near future.


  6. Personally I would like to buy this myself for my own collection, and I think Thomas should too.
    That being: “The Incredible Shrinking Man”

    Whe Scott Carey begins to shrink because of exposure to a combination of radiation and insecticide, medical science is powerless to help him.

    Starring: Grant Williams and Randy Stuart

    This movie is almost beyond the imagination . . . A strange adventure into the unknown !

    You should get it.

    if you find i retail copy, i really am interested in purchasing it for myself (you have my contact)

  7. I think you should have ‘La Strada’ by Fellini. Fellini is the master and ‘La Strada’ is his masterpiece. It’s a necessary part of any comprehensive collection. If you have enough of a budget to have the likes of ‘Snakes on a Plane’ on your shelves, surely you can splurge on this classic.

  8. The Actual Carly

    I agree, La Strada is a beauty, and it takes place in a travelling carnival! I suggest Nights of Cabiria on Criterion too (since there’s a picture of it up on the wall).

  9. We now have the Criterion version of Fellini’s La Strada.

    I know, I know, it was the only version available.

  10. The Actual Carly

    While you’re on a Criterion binge….
    How about some comedies?
    Divorce Italian Style, Kind Hearts and Coronets and Billy Liar are all essentials!

  11. “Americathon”

  12. The Actual Carly

    More Lubitsch.

  13. Clochemerle. It was a short BBC copro series from the early seventies. I think it was broadcast on TVO, might have been PBS.

    It’s all about the politics of the installation of a pissoir in a small French village.

  14. Thanks Brian. Doesn’t seem to be available at this time. Will keep a look our for it.
    Seems quite a timely piece for our little village of Guelph.

  15. Two or three things I know about her (1965), Jean-Luc Godard, a masterpiece of film from the Criterion Collection. A must have – especially given our current relationship to cities, capitalism, and political indifference.

  16. Thanks Ehryn. We do have 2 or 3 Things. It’s in our new release section.

  17. Note: After reading the requests above, I am behooved to warn you that this is not one of those.

    I just saw a couple of episodes of “rick and steve the happiest gay couple in the world” and was wondering if they are even out on dvd (let alone rentable!)


  18. Season 1 and 2 are available on DVD for $24 each.
    1-2 week delivery.

    Thomas Video does not have them for rent.

  19. Any word on the Incredible Shrinking Man?

  20. Sorry, no sign of it yet. ian

  21. Colour Me Kubrick by Brian W. Cook

  22. madness of king george.
    i’m sure you have it, but is it in?
    phone’s been busy for awhile tonight.

  23. n’er ye mind. got through, you have it in VHS. she was a great help.

  24. Do you have a copy of The FALL by Tarsem?
    I need one for thursday afternoon.
    Thanks Jamie

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  26. jeff greenberg

    Think Global, Act Local (France, 2009)– May be a good time of year to bring this one in. There are things that we can do other than despair.

    “Films full of warnings and disasters have been made and have served their purpose, but now it is time to show that solutions do exist. It is time to hear what farmers, philosophers and economists have to say. While explaining why our social model has got bogged down in the ecological, financial, and political crises that we’re all know about, these people invent and try out alternatives.” – Coline Serreau

  27. Do you have a copy of Medicine River? It’s the screen adaptation of Thomas King’s book.

  28. Sorry, we do not have this film. Not sure if we can get it.

  29. Wanting to watch the trilogy by Richard Linklater: Before Sunrise, Before sunset, Before Midnight. Do you have these films? Sue Richards

  30. Apologies Sue. Your comment got stuck in our spam filter. We have Before Sunrise and Before Sunset available to rent. Call 822-1451 to reserve.
    Before Midnight is not on video yet.


    Terence Malick was an inspiration for the director according to Entertainment Weekly. and Rooney Mara’s in it.
    It was a Sundance hit.

  32. BETRAYAL. The current Broadway hit with Daniel Craig.
    Very hard to get. A VHS copy sometimes shows up on eBay.

  33. looking for season 2 of “The Fall”

  34. Request “Sweet and Lowdown” Woody Allen

  35. Do you have Call the Midwife – Season 3?

  36. Do you have the Australian movie ‘Looking For Alibrandi’? I remember seeing it when I was in Sydney when it was released in 2000 and I feel nostalgic for it for some reason. I remember it being good and I want to watch it again to see if it indeed was.

  37. Do you have 112 weddings or the kids grow up?

  38. Hi there, wondering when Force Majeure will come to your fine store.

  39. Wondering if you have copies of a couple World War One movies: “King & Country” (1964) directed by Joseph Losey, and “Westfront 1918” directed by G.W. Pabst. Just inquiring… please do not order on my acount 🙂

    Thanks in advance Ian!

    • Thanks Matt. We do not have either. Had Westfront 1918 at one time but sold it. Very rare. King and Country is available on DVD.

  40. Looking for Marigold hotel. Want to watch it before part two comes out next month.

  41. Do you have any DVD of David Allen At Large. He was a British comedian.

    • Sorry Albert. We do not have that one. We’ve looked and we’re not even sure that it’s available here in N America.

  42. Hi, Do you have the movie Mostly Martha? It depicts the love, loss and the culinary arts with a warmth that has stayed with me many years after seeing it for the first time. It’s a German language film and I have a german guest coming to town I would love to watch it together!

  43. Do you have “The Vanishing”, Dutch (or French?) version with English subtitles? Based on the novella by Tim Krabbe. Thanks.

  44. Hi, I am requesting Human Highway – Director’s Cut. It stars and is directed by Neil Young (pseudonym Bernard Shakey), and stars Dennis Hopper, Devo and more. It is a cold war era (1982) weird comedy featuring nuclear waste, spaceships, and more. It played at TIFF last year, but I missed it and am dying to check it out. I hope you can get it in – pretty pretty please?

  45. Can one buy TV series through your store. I am looking to buy the series of Hill Street Blues. If so what would be your price?

  46. If you do not have it already, could you get “Fame! The Musical” in stock? I am in the performance with my high school and have not seen the film yet! Please email me some info. 😀

    • Hi,

      I’m looking for “In America” (2002 – Irish-American-British drama) with Paddy Considine and Samantha Morton. Do you have it?



      • Yep, we have it on DVD. Let us know if you wish it set aside.

      • Hi,

        I was in the other day and dropped off 4 videos (Into the Wild, Samsara, True Cost and Amour Fou) and asked (the owner, I think, if I had any others outstanding and was told no, I was good. I found one last night entitled Raw for Life (documentary) that I had taken out the same time as the other 4 but it may have been missed at your store because I did get one free that evening.

        Anyway, I dropped it off today in the return slot. Just want to make sure I/we won’t be charged late fees for it next time I go in.


        Alison Walton Adair Shaw


        On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 3:50 PM, Thomas Video wrote:

        > ianward2 commented: “Yep, we have it on DVD. Let us know if you wish it > set aside.”

      • Hi,

        Do you have Tokyo Story (1953) ?

        Thank you!


      • Yes, we have the Criterion version. It’s in right now. Call 519-822-1451 to reserve. Cheers, ian

  47. Thanks. I don’t know when I will be in so no need to put it aside. Just good to know you’ve got it.

  48. I am wondering if you carry the original 1960 Psycho movie. I purchased it from The Beat Goes On but sadly it was damaged. I have been put on a list if another one comes in but had already planned a Psycho pyjama party for June 11th and am worried it may not be available. They suggested contacting you to see if you had one for rent.

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