About our shop

On January 21, 2017, Thomas Video will be closing forever.

We would like to thank our loyal customers who have helped bring the greatest in world cinema to you for 34 years.

Cheers to you,


Thomas Video is a locally owned independent video store located at 60 Baker St. in Downtown Guelph since 1983.

Thomas Video has all the latest hot new movies. We also have an extensive back catalogue including classics, art/cult, documentaries, queer, family, Canadian and foreign titles.


5 responses to “About our shop

  1. As a former employee, I would like to compliment Ian for putting the store on-line. It looks great!
    It’s good to know that after being away from Guelph for 3 years, that it still snows in the winter & parking downtown is still an unresolved issue.
    I haven’t seen snow for 36 months & I use the public transportation system (Micros & Metro), because we actually have it here. It’s clean, cheap & reasonably efficient.

    ttys, Nicholas Gunn-Santiago de Chile

  2. Thomas Video is so fantastic! Awesome selection of movies, great selection, perfect location. Thanks for putting it online!

  3. Thanks Ann.

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  5. Thomas video has been one of the constants in my life, like the fountain in St.Georges Square, except more personal. I have been a customer here since before I could walk!

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