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3 New Titles @ThomasVideo Plus Update & Holiday Hours


Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

As you’ve heard, Thomas will be closing up shop shortly after the start of the new year. We have begun selling off our stock, so if there’s a title (or a few titles) you’d be interested in adding to your home collection, now’s the time.

We also have the left over stock from our days renting CDs and video games too, so feel free to come in and give those a once over while you’re at it.

As for our holiday hours, we’ll be open 10-4 on Christmas Eve, closed on Christmas Day, but then open again 2-10 on Boxing Day. through the rest of the holidays, it will be regular store hours, except on New Year’s Day when we’ll get a late start at 12 pm and be open till 10.

As for this week’s new releases, let’s ch-ch-check them out!

Suicide Squad – Following up on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, this latest DC Universe movie follows Viola Davis as she puts together a team of demented villains to reluctantly save the world in exchange for reduced sentences. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney and Jared Leto are amongst the rogues gallery.

Snowden – Oliver Stone finds a modern muse in the life story of Edward Snowden, the NSA constractor turned whistleblower. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Snowden as the story follows him through his now famous info dump and his flight from the U.S. to life in exile in Russia. All your paranoid dream’s (and Stone’s) come true in this one…

Klown Forever – A Dannish dramedy about a friendship tested. When Casper embarks on a career shift by travelling to Los Angeles, he’s quickly followed there by his BFF Frank. Hilarity, life lessons, and some bizarre Hollywood cameos ensue.

See you in the store! (For a couple more weeks anyway.)
D-Day: January 21st.

The Thomas Staff


11 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone,

Magnificent Seven – Antoine Fuqua teams again with Denzel Washington to update the classic Sturges Western with help from Vincent D’Onofrio, Ethan Hawke, and Chris Pratt as four of the seven the guns for hire who are recruited to protect a small town from unscrupulous developers.

Eight Days a Week – Beatlemaniacs be advised! The British Invasion comes back to vivid life in Ron Howard’s documentary about the Beatles’ whirlwind tour schedule from 1963 to 1966.

Southside With You – It’s that time to celebrate the presidential passing of the torch with movies made about the outgoing POTUS. In his feature directorial debut, filmmaker Richard Tanne shows us when Barack met Michelle.

Borderless – A boy’s quiet fishing spot is ruined with the sudden appearance of a stranger. We don’t get many Iranian films, so fans of foreign cinema will definitely want to check this a out.

Jason Bourne – Matt Damon returns almost a decade after we last saw Bourne take to the big screen, and this time he has Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel hot on his trail. A good night’s action fix!

The Secret Live of Pets – It’s basically Toy Story with pets meets The Warriors as Louie C.K. and Eric Stonestreet are lost dogs trying to make their way home across New York while staying ahead of the disgruntled bunny voiced by Kevin Hart and his army of disgruntled pets. Family fun!

The BFG – Disney, Roald Dahl and Steven Spielberg team-up for this often touching tale of orphan girl Sophie who befriends a big friendly giant. Not Spielberg’s best, but it still shows off his rare touch with children and fantasy stories, and Mark Rylance is excellent as the BFG.

Florence Foster Jenkins – Meryl Streep goes full Streep in this true to life tale about an heiress with operatic dreams, but terrible voice realities. We dare you not to be delighted.

Pete’s Dragon – The remake of 1977 movie about a lost boy and his friend and protector Elliot, a dragon that’s far from imaginary. Another great family flick in time for the holidays.

The Hollars – In this comedy-drama, a man leaves his fast life in the city behind to look after his ailing mother back home. The sophomore film from John Krasinski. That’s right, Jim from The Office directs movies!

Secret Agent – BBC’s lavish three-part production of Joseph Conrad’s novel stars Toby Jones and Ian Hart in a tale that finds an unassuming London shopkeep trying to keep secret from all who know him that he’s really a Russian spy. A series that’s both classic and timely at the same time.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff


9 New Titles @ThomasVideo

KAL3349 Wentworth SE01 5 DVD_SLICK.indd
Happy Friday everyone,

Still lots and lots of new titles for you to check out, and we’ve added more than a few extra ones this week…

Finding Dory – This fun and funny follow-up to Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo finds the forgetful Dory in a fruitful search for her own origins. The
alliteration is surely getting to you so let’s just add that we also have
it on Blu-ray.

Game of Thrones Season 6 – A number of players are purged off the board as the show’s creators are setting up the endgame this season. But seriously the first 20 minutes of the season 6 finale are some some of the best TV you’ll see this year. Period.

Hands of Stone – Robert DeNiro was still boxing just a few years ago
(Remember Grunge Match?) but now he’s the trainer in the true life story of Ray Arcel and his fighter Roberto Duran.

Kubo and the Two Strings – Stop-motion animation lives in this fun and
adventure-filled tale about a boy named Kubo, who needs his father’s magical armour to defeat a vengeful spirit. A terribly fun and unique
family film.

War Dogs – The strange-but-true story of two young guys that found an
amazing opportunity in a growing business sector: selling arms on behalf of America’s military! Todd Phillips of The Hangover trilogy gets serious, but not too serious.

Wentworth Season 1 – This British series is the scarier version of Orange
is the New Black as we follow the life in prison of a woman awaiting trial
for the attempted murder of her husband.

The Little Prince – Based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved tale, the
story of a little girl trying to avoid her mother’s lessons about growing up
by disappearing into an imaginary world is brought to life in this beautifully animated film with an all-star voice cast.

The Passenger – For fans of foreign mystery series comes this French story based on a best-selling novel about a series of murders inspired by Greek mythology that cut a swath of terror across France.

Childhood of a Leader – Set in the shadows of World War I, the child of a U.S. diplomat discovers that he can manipulate the adults around him, and moulded by the horrors of post-Europe, he has some very dark ideas about what he can so with this new abilities.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff

11 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone,

As you may have heard, the store will be closing on January 21. But for the next little while at least, we’ll still be packing in the hits, and this week is no exception.

The Conjuring 2 – Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as ghost busters Ed and Lorraine Warren who face their toughest case in a haunted house in England. This sequel just might be scarier than the original…

The Infiltrator – Bryan Cranston plays the man who helped bring down Pablo Escobar in this engrossing crime drama based on the true story.

Sausage Party – From the minds that brought you Superbad, This is the End, and The Interview comes an animated look inside the lives of foodstuffs. This is most definitely not for the kids!

Maggie’s Plan – Mumblecore icon Greta Gerwig plays a woman who thinks she’s got her life figured out till she realizes she’s wrong. Ethan Hawke and Julianne Moore co-star.

Skiptrace – Jackie Chan gets another hilariously mismatched partner-in-crime in the person of Johnny Knoxville in this latest action comedy from Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin.

Indignation – School Ties for a new generation. This James Shamus adaptation of the Philip Roth novel sees a working class Jewish student trying his best to fit in at a small Ohio college. Logan Lerman and Canada’s sweetheart Sarah Gadon co-star.

Ice Age: Collision Course – All your favourite Ice Age creatures are back to stop a meteor shower from wiping out their world. Like all movie series near their end, this latest chapter goes to space. And that squirrel still ain’t got that nut!

Nine Lives – Kevin Spacey plays a workaholic billionaire in this shaggy dog story about a man who learns the true meaning of life when he’s turned into a cat.

Mia Madre – A heartbreaking drama that will probably speak to a lot of us, and remind us that you’re never too old to be conflicted about the loss of a parent. This was a favourite of both Cannes and TIFF last year.

Proteus – This fascinating documentary chronicles the work of Ernst Haeckel, whose explorations of the sea in the 19th century had a profound effect on fields beyond oceanography and marine biology. It’s a reminder of a time when the ocean was as mysterious and wondrous as deep space is today…

Snowtime – In the mood for winter? Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t, but this fun animated film from a pair of Montreal filmmakers might make you eager to get out there and throw some snowballs around.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff

6 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Halloween weekend, and in new releases we’ve got a romantic-comedy, a war movie, a Christmas comedy, a documentary, a political drama, and a journey of self-reflection. Scary stuff to be sure, but if none of this works, feel free to check out our selection of scary movies. As for those new releases…

Cafe Society – Woody Allen’s latest is a Bronx tale by way of 1930s LA as a naive young man from New York named Bobby goes to work for his Uncle Phil in Hollywood until romantic complications send him back home and into business with this gangster brother. And that, as they say, is only the beginning…

Anthropoid – Just when you though every World War II story had possibly been told, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan play a pair of commandos sent to Prague to assassinate Hitler’s Number 3 in this tense thriller. We’ve got it on Blu-ray too!

Christmas Eve – It’s the Jon Heder and Patrick Stewart team-up you’ve always wanted to see as they play two of six people trapped in an elevator on Christmas Eve. Just in time for Halloween weekend!

Gleason – This is the heartbreaking story of former pro-football player Steve Gleason, who started making video diaries for his unborn son when he was diagnosed with ALS. A beautiful and hopeful documentary about fighting for every last moment from the director of Print the Legend and Finders Keepers.

Imperium – Daniel Radcliffe continues to shake that Harry Potter appeal (and follows Edward Norton’s lead) by playing an FBI analyst that goes undercover with a White Supremacist group. Now we’re not saying that this might be the most timely release of the year, but…

Sea of Trees – This is the second movie this year to deal with the so-called “Suicide Forest” in Japan, but one with a slightly more dramatic angle versus a horror one. Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe play two men trying to make their way out of the spooky Japanese woods and learn a little bit about life along the way.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff

7 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone!

It maybe be the weekend after Thanksgiving, but these are far from leftovers…

Alice Through the Looking Glass – Johnny Depp and the gang return to Wonderland for another mad (hatter) cap adventure that introduces Sacha Baron Cohen as Time. The spectacle maybe loses some of its punch on the small screen, but the kids will probably like it.

Independence Day: Resurgence – The aliens return exactly 20 years after their first attack to finish what they started, and a new generation of fighter jocks join members of the original cast to give the evil saucer men a proper “Welcome to Earth.” Cheesy fun for everyone. (On Blu-ray too.)

Hunt for the Wilder People
Taika Waititi’s follow-up to What We Do in the Shadows is somehow even more hilarious as it follows the search for a boy and his uncle lost in the woods of New Zealand. This is definitely one of the gems of 2016 so far, but you may have to patiently wait to rent this one…

A Bigger Splash – Filmmaker
Luca Guadagnino reunites with his I Am Love star Tilda Swinton for this challenging and complex drama about how a vacation can never just be a vacation. Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson and
Matthias Schoenaerts co-star.

The Family Fang – Jason Bateman’s latest film as director is a mix of comedy, drama and mystery as he and Nicole Kidman play siblings trying to track down their missing parents. This is either a black comedy, or a disturbed drama, and how you see it might really depend on your own point of view.

Mr. Church – From the man behind Driving Miss Daisy comes the semi-based on a true story movie about a cook who becomes more than just an employee to the family he’s hired to serve. A more demure than ordinary Eddie Murphy and up-and-comer Britt Robinson star.

Wondrous Boccaccio – Based on the stories from Giovanni Boccaccio, this latest movie from Italy’s famed Taviani Brothers follows ten young people trying to escape the horrors of the Black Death in the 13th century by fleeing to an idyllic countryside.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff

5 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday, everyone!

It case we don’t say it enough, thanks for continuing to rent from Thomas, we appreciate the love and support we get from our members. This Thanksgiving weekend, save some room for one of these great new releases.

Ghostbusters – Who you gonna call? Well this time its Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as the supernatural investigators and eliminators in a remake that’s far from perfect, but perfectly charming in its own way.

The Legend of Tarzan – The surprise hit of the summer sees Alexander Skarsgard and Margot Robbie fill the shoes of Tarzan and Jane as they take on the mustache-twirling Christoph Waltz who threatens their jungle paradise. When was the last time you saw Tarzan on screen?

Last Cab to Darwin – The charming Aussie hit finally lands on DVD, and the tale of a cab driver on an epic quest to die on his own terms is yours to enjoy.

Blood Father – Mel Gibson tries to reclaim his Hollywood crown by taking a page from Liam Neeson’s playbook as a father out to use a particular set of skills to save his daughter from the drug dealers trying to kill her.

Life, Animated – This genre bending documentary chronicles how the animated films of Disney were able to allow Owen Suskind to connect with his family and overcome his autism.

See you in the store!
The Thomas Staff