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ian’s top video pics for 2015

what we do

1. What We Do In the Shadows: Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are vampires who are finding that modern life has them struggling with the mundane – like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts.

2. Unbelievers: Renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss cross the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world.

3. End of the Tour: The story of the five-day interview between Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky and acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace, which took place right after the 1996 publication of Wallace’s groundbreaking epic novel, ‘Infinite Jest.’

4. Salvation: In 1870s America, a peaceful American settler kills his family’s murderer which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader. His cowardly fellow townspeople then betray him, forcing him to hunt down the outlaws alone.

5. Amy: The story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks.

6. Winter Sleep: Aydin, a former actor, runs a small hotel in central Anatolia with his young wife Nihal with whom he has a stormy relationship and his sister Necla who is suffering from her recent divorce.

7. Mad Max: Fury Road A woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in post apocalyptic Australia in search for her homeland with the help of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshiper, and a drifter named Max.

8. Bridge: S2 A tanker is heading towards the bridge. When it is boarded by the coastguard the crew are discovered to be missing. The only people on board are five youths, drugged and chained. Saga and Martin are assigned to investigate the case.

9. Brand: A Second Coming Follows comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex & fame in an attempt to find happiness, only to realize that our culture feeds us bad ideas & empty idols.

10. Babadook: A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.


ian’s top 5 favourite #Halloween movies

nightmare before chirsistmas!

1. Nightmare Before Christmas


2. Halloween


3. Exorcist


4. Shining


5. Psycho

Carly’s top ten films for 2008

Here’s your friggin’ list OK?!

Shotgun Stories
Slumdog Millionaire
Let the Right One In
Man on Wire
Son of Rambow
The Dark Knight
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

This is such a hack list because as soon as I started scanning the films of 2008, I realized I hadn’t seen 80% of them.
So it’s more like the the ten movies I actually saw from 2008 as opposed to the best.
Yeah, like you’re any better.

Carly’s Top 20 Criterion Collections (that are actually at Thomas)

1. A Woman Under the Influence
2. Ace in the Hole
3. Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
4. Bob le Flambeur
5. Clean, Shaven
6. The Cranes Are Flying
7. Gimme Shelter
8. M
9. Man Bites Dog
10. Pandora’s Box
11. Le Samourai
12. Spy Who Came in From the Cold
13. Stray Dog
14. Sword of Doom
15. The Third Man
16. Le Trou
17. Two-Lane Blacktop
18. The Vanishing
19. The Virgin Spring
20. Wages of Fear

Findlay’s 10 Docs

10. Brother’s Keeper: A heartwarming tale of murder
9. Yes Men: Change the world. One prank at a time.
8. Andy Goldsworthy’s Rivers and Tides
7. Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance
6. End of Suburbia: Oil depletion and the collapse of the American Dream
5. Edward Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes
4. King Corn: You are what you eat!
3. Waco: Rules of Engagement Academy Award Nominee
2. American Movie
1. Darwin’s Nightmare Academy Award Nominee