Our #CelebrateThomas34 Party on Saturday January 21 10am-late

Hello friends,

We’re just 2 days away from our big #CelebrateThomas34 party.

Here’s what we have planned.

We’ll be opening the shop as usual at 10am. We still have lots of movies left that need a good home. This will be a great opportunity to pick up all your old favourites. All movies need a new home. Hint. Hint.

Our #HappyMaking Mason & Risch Player Piano and a Gibson guitar will be available for anyone who wants to play us tune on our day-long open stage. Councillor James Gordon, Sam Turton and others have agreed to stop by in the afternoon to delight us with their talents.

Wellington Brewery has graciously offered to help sponsor the event (perhaps we should have thought of having a licensed video store years ago).

We will have Jenny Mitchel’s Gone Guelph T-shirts on sale featuring an image of our shop, shortly after we moved to Baker St in 2000 (see above).

Friends and family will be offering yummy appetizers and baked goods all day (remember those BlackBird ginger snaps we once sold? Yep, they’ll be there).

All of our current and many of our former staff will stopping by (will be great to see our old friends).

Then at 10pm when we shut down Thomas Video for the last time (sniff), DJ Eccodek will start spinning the funky for a late night dance party.

Looking forward to seeing all of you.

The Thomas Staff


New Gone Guelph T-Shirts for @ThomasVideo


Hello friends,

As many of you new, local artist Jenny Mitchel has been producing some beautiful Gone Guelph t-shirts. These shirts celebrate many local Downtown business that have closed over the years. She has produced them for Macondo Books, Apollo 11, Budd’s Clothing, Family Thrift and the Diplomat Hotel.

Jenny has agreed to do t-shirts for Thomas Video.

They will be available at our shop on our last day of business Jan 21. That’s just 3 days away. Let us know if you want to pre-order one.

Speaking of Jan 21, we’re having a big #CelebrateThomas34 bash planned with live music all day.

DJ Eccodek will be spinning dance tunes in the evening. See link to Guelph Today. 

Hope to see you there 10am-late.

The Thomas Staff

5 Days and counting till we close

Hello friends

Here we are in the final week of operation for Thomas Video.

Thank you to all those that have stopped by to wish us well. It’s has been wonderful hearing your stories about discovering new movies at Thomas Video, bringing your dogs into the shop for a visit or chatting about our great staff.

Keep the stories coming at our final closing day event this Saturday. See Guelph Today article.

We still have lots of movies that need a new home. Comedies, family, action, thrillers are all $5 each. Collectibles may be a bit more.

Come in a grab a armful. No reasonable offer refused (Plus shelving, counters and more. All must be sold).

The Thomas Staff

Yeah, Sorry, We’re Still Closing Next Week…

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

This will be one of our final communiques, as the timely but unfortunate closure of Thomas Video is now a scant 8 days away. The end is nigh. January 21 will be our last day in business.

To close things out next Saturday, we’ll be having a blowout with live music featuring some great local musicians including the political and musical powerhouse James Gordon, and Guelph institution (and Juno-nominee) DJ Eccodek.

In the meantime, there are still lots of VHS tapes, DVDs and Blu-rays for you to buy. Granted, if you’re looking to buy ‘The Seven Samurai’ you’re going to have a bad time, but there are a lot of other goodies still in the store. We need to find new homes for all the movies in our collection, so come in and adopt a previously enjoyed film right now (or maybe a little later today, we’re cool like that).

For further reading, check out Rob O’Flanagan’s Guelph Today article on the final days of the store, and Dana Bellamy’s loving tribute to Thomas Video in the Ontarion. Thanks to Rob and Dana for sharing the love, we know hundreds of customers across Guelph and the surrounding area feel the same.

With that we’ll say “bye” for now. Just 200 hours now till Thomas Video closes its doors forever. Come by and see us soon!

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff

Bash planned to celebrate Thomas Video Jan. 21


Business closing after 34 years of promoting the best of film arts

The following appeared January 12 in Guelph Today. Thanks Rob.

The idea of closing down his 34-year-old business still gets to Ian Findlay, even with over two months for the idea to sink in.

The former Guelph city councillor announced the closure back in early November. He was emotional and teary-eyed then, and held back tears on Monday talking about an upcoming celebration that will wrap the business up.

The celebration happens all day on Saturday, Jan. 21. There will be reminiscing about the popular shop’s storied history, and the esteemed place it held as a film culture icon for a lot of years.

The event will feature an open stage for performers, performances by some of Guelph’s well-known musicians, including Sam Turton and James Gordon, and a dance party lead by DJ Eccodek (Andrew MacPherson) in the evening.

Friends and members of Thomas Video are invited to drop by.

“It will send it off with a bang,” Findlay said.

He was in the shop Monday morning, getting down to the difficult work of winding the business down. He has placed the inventory of thousands of titles up for sale. Longstanding members of the shop – there have been about 35,000 members over the years – have been buying up bunches of films.

“It’s been really nice to hear all the stories that people have been telling me,” Findlay said, speaking of the public’s reaction to the closure.

Findlay told GuelphToday.com previously that the business cycle for the shop had run its course, and that it couldn’t compete with the web. Even as giants like Blockbuster and Rogers Video were closing their doors about five years ago, Thomas Video survived. But ultimately it could not compete with online services like Netflix.

Findlay said untold numbers of people were introduced to great filmmakers like Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa through Thomas. The shop kept a wide selection of great films in stock and was constantly upgrading its inventory with new acquisitions.

But Findlay said that many members have recently told him that they have found other avenues for their entertainment.

“That seems to be the typical story,” he said. “They are sorry to see us go, but they understand what is happening.”

Many customers are now buying up some of the more collectable titles, or a number of titles from their favourite directors, he said.

Findlay started the business at the age of 18. It has been at its current location at 60 Baker Street since 2000. At it height, it held 28,000 titles.

“It’s very emotional, as you can imagine,” Findlay added. “I’ve been brought to tears a number of times. But I know it’s the right decision. The business cycle has completely concluded. Now I’m selling off, and that is going really well. People have been coming in a grabbing armloads of movies. The films are all finding great homes.”

The end of an era for Thomas Video (1983-2017)


The following appeared in the January 12 edition of the Ontarion. Thanks Dana.

Saying goodbye to a local staple

January 21 is set to be a bittersweet day for Guelph movie lovers. After 34 years in business, Thomas Video will be closing its doors.

The last of its kind in Guelph—and likely one of the last of its kind altogether—Thomas Video has been a mainstay in the local movie rental business. Starting out renting videodiscs in 1983, the little independent video store has survived many changes in the industry, including the rise and fall of bigger rental chains like Rogers and Blockbuster.


Read more. 

Shout-out to former @thomasvideo staff


Hello all staff past and present,

As you may have heard, Thomas Video is closing January 21 after 34 years in business.

We’re having an all-day  celebration on Saturday the 21st and would love to see you.

We’ll have live music all day with DJ Eccodek spinning tunes and dancing later in the evening.

Let’s close out Thomas Video with a bang.