6 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Halloween weekend, and in new releases we’ve got a romantic-comedy, a war movie, a Christmas comedy, a documentary, a political drama, and a journey of self-reflection. Scary stuff to be sure, but if none of this works, feel free to check out our selection of scary movies. As for those new releases…

Cafe Society – Woody Allen’s latest is a Bronx tale by way of 1930s LA as a naive young man from New York named Bobby goes to work for his Uncle Phil in Hollywood until romantic complications send him back home and into business with this gangster brother. And that, as they say, is only the beginning…

Anthropoid – Just when you though every World War II story had possibly been told, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan play a pair of commandos sent to Prague to assassinate Hitler’s Number 3 in this tense thriller. We’ve got it on Blu-ray too!

Christmas Eve – It’s the Jon Heder and Patrick Stewart team-up you’ve always wanted to see as they play two of six people trapped in an elevator on Christmas Eve. Just in time for Halloween weekend!

Gleason – This is the heartbreaking story of former pro-football player Steve Gleason, who started making video diaries for his unborn son when he was diagnosed with ALS. A beautiful and hopeful documentary about fighting for every last moment from the director of Print the Legend and Finders Keepers.

Imperium – Daniel Radcliffe continues to shake that Harry Potter appeal (and follows Edward Norton’s lead) by playing an FBI analyst that goes undercover with a White Supremacist group. Now we’re not saying that this might be the most timely release of the year, but…

Sea of Trees – This is the second movie this year to deal with the so-called “Suicide Forest” in Japan, but one with a slightly more dramatic angle versus a horror one. Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe play two men trying to make their way out of the spooky Japanese woods and learn a little bit about life along the way.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff


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