7 New Titles @ThomasVideo

Happy Friday everyone!

It maybe be the weekend after Thanksgiving, but these are far from leftovers…

Alice Through the Looking Glass – Johnny Depp and the gang return to Wonderland for another mad (hatter) cap adventure that introduces Sacha Baron Cohen as Time. The spectacle maybe loses some of its punch on the small screen, but the kids will probably like it.

Independence Day: Resurgence – The aliens return exactly 20 years after their first attack to finish what they started, and a new generation of fighter jocks join members of the original cast to give the evil saucer men a proper “Welcome to Earth.” Cheesy fun for everyone. (On Blu-ray too.)

Hunt for the Wilder People
Taika Waititi’s follow-up to What We Do in the Shadows is somehow even more hilarious as it follows the search for a boy and his uncle lost in the woods of New Zealand. This is definitely one of the gems of 2016 so far, but you may have to patiently wait to rent this one…

A Bigger Splash – Filmmaker
Luca Guadagnino reunites with his I Am Love star Tilda Swinton for this challenging and complex drama about how a vacation can never just be a vacation. Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson and
Matthias Schoenaerts co-star.

The Family Fang – Jason Bateman’s latest film as director is a mix of comedy, drama and mystery as he and Nicole Kidman play siblings trying to track down their missing parents. This is either a black comedy, or a disturbed drama, and how you see it might really depend on your own point of view.

Mr. Church – From the man behind Driving Miss Daisy comes the semi-based on a true story movie about a cook who becomes more than just an employee to the family he’s hired to serve. A more demure than ordinary Eddie Murphy and up-and-comer Britt Robinson star.

Wondrous Boccaccio – Based on the stories from Giovanni Boccaccio, this latest movie from Italy’s famed Taviani Brothers follows ten young people trying to escape the horrors of the Black Death in the 13th century by fleeing to an idyllic countryside.

See you in the store!

The Thomas Staff


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