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miles ahead
Happy Friday Everyone,

Last Friday was a holiday, so we’ve got a bit of a backlog this week. Let’s dig in!

Miles Ahead – Don Cheadle makes his feature directorial debut with this *sorta* bio-pic of the blues legend Miles Davis. As Davis, Cheadle shows the man for his tremendous musical gifts and his terrible personal demons with some fascinating insight. Is Oscar in Cheadle’s future? Check it out.

Fastball – Baseball fans, this one’s for you! Kevin Costner narrates this scientific study of the titular pitching method, and use statistical data to decide once and for all who had the fastest ball in the history of the game.

Sleeping Giant – An appropriately summer themed coming of age story about a sheltered teen spending some time at the cottage with is disillusioned parents. That is until his rowdy cousins arrive, and he starts to get closer to his lovely neighbour, then he experiences things that – Wait for it! – change his life forever.

Also available now:

Allegiant – The latest chapter of the Divergent series sees Shailene Woodley lead the gang over the wall of post-apocalyptic Chicago to see what’s beyond and learn the horrible truth about their society. Cliffhanger alert! There’s still one more Divergent after this. Also on Blu.

Everybody Wants Some – Richard Linklater’s latest is a thematic follow-up to his breakthrough success Dazed and Confused. This time, in the 80s, a group of freshmen on their college baseball team enjoy their first taste of adult freedom. Worth checking out.

I Saw the Light – The week’s second musical bio-pic features Taylor Swift boytoy Tom Hiddleston as country music great Hank Williams. Elizabeth Olsen plays his wife Audrey, which should make Marvel fans head ache because Loki’s married to the Scarlet Witch? Pshaw!

By the Sea – Angelina Jolie’s latest sees her team-up with husband Brad Pitt for scenes from a marriage set in a small French town in the 1970s. This one’s divisive, but it’s interesting to see Jolie grow as a filmmaker, and see her appear on screen with Pitt for the first time since Mr and Mrs Smith (where they met).

Flight of the Butterflies – A mix of documentary and narrative, director Mike Lee tracks the course of the Monarch butterfly from Canada, through the United States to Mexico in all its high-def, IMAX-filmed glory. This one is only available on Blu-ray.

House of Cards Season 4 – Frank Underwood continues to plot and scheme through the halls of American political power in the fourth season of the Netflix series, but this time without the unwavering support of his wife Claire. Does Frank finally get what’s coming to him in what maybe the final season of House of Cards? You should rent it and see?

See you in the store!
The Thomas Staff


2 responses to “9 New Titles @ThomasVideo

  1. Patti Maurice

    Hi Ian,

    Do you have the BBC Series New Tricks? I’m looking for Season 9


    Patti Maurice

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