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dr strangelove
Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Father Day weekend! And while we’re not all fathers, we all enjoy spending a couple of hours on the couch watching something awesome. Here’s what’s awesome at Thomas Video this week…

Eye in the Sky – Alan Rickman’s final (physical) performance is among the many treats in this tense drama about modern warfare. Dame Helen Mirren and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul co-star in a film that tests the moral, political and personal costs of military combat in the 21st century.

Knight of Cups – Terrence Malick returns with another entry to befuddle and mystify, this time starring Christian Bale as a writer in search of love and life in the company of six different women through the streets of L.A. and Las Vegas. What does it all mean? Only Malick knows for sure.

The Brothers Grimsby – Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen play a top secret agent and his football hooligan brother whose fates become entwined for a big mission with the whole world at stake. And laughs (probably).

Mr. Right – It’s an old story. Girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, girl finds out boy is a hitman on the run from a criminal syndicate that wants him dead. Sam Rockwell plays the boy, and Anna Kendrick plays the girl in a script by Max Landis of Chronicle and American Ultra fame.

Within the Whirlwind – This one made the rounds of the festival circuit just a few years ago, the touching true story a woman that finds new life after being sent to a Siberian gulag at the height of Stalin’s reign. Based on the memoirs of Yevgenia Ginzburg called Gulag: Many Days, Many Live.

Wallander Season 4 – Kenneth Branagh as back as the titular detective in the fourth season of the BBC series about a cynical cop trying to fight the rising tide of violence in his idyllic southern Swedish town. Perfect for fans who love other BBC mystery series, and are in need something new to watch.

Dr Strangelove (Criterion) – Stanley Kubrick’s classic dark comedy about Cold War tensions and how there’s no fighting in the war room. Peter Sellers rules in three roles, including the title character, and now the 1964 film gets the full Criterion treatment with updated remastering and new special features.

See you in the store!
The Thomas Staff


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