9 New Titles @ThomasVideo This Week

boy and dthe beast

Happy Friday Everyone,

We like to say there is always something for everyone at the store, but this week, in the new releases, there really is. Comedy! Romance! Drama! Scares! Action! Let’s see what’s currently on the new release shelf.

45 Years – See Charlotte Rampling in her Academy Award-nominated role as Kate Mercer, whose 45th wedding anniversary to Greg promises to be something special until the ghosts of Greg’s tragic past come back to the surface. This one of the most acclaimed, and most honoured films of the year so far…

10 Cloverfield Lane – Like an episode of the Twilight Zone, producer J.J. Abrams, master of the mystery box, puts three people in a box, a bomb shelter to be precise, as some disaster rages outside. Or does it? John Goodman is great as the intense survivalist who may have ulterior motives in saving Mary Elizabeth Winstead from an “alien invasion.”

Eddie the Eagle – Like Cool Runnings, another movie about an underdog tale against the backdrop of the 1988 Calgary Olympics, comes the true story of British ski-jumper Eddie Edwards. Hugh Jackman and up-and-comer Taron Egerton make a dynamic duo in this touchingly hilarious inspirational tale.

Hello My Name is Doris – Sally Field charms in this romantic comedy about a sixtysomething woman who, through the power of self-help, pursues younger man Max Greenfield. A fun and funny reminder that it’s never too late for romance.

London Has Fallen – Gerard Butler’s back as Super Secret Service agent Mike Banning, who must again save President Aaron Eckhart from another group of terrorists that hate freedom or whatever, this time against the backdrop of London. We’ve got it on Blu-ray too so you can see stuff blow up even better in HD!

Get A Job – Millennial angst becomes comedic fodder in this all-star effort that sees Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick as college graduates that leave campus and – wait for it – find that life afterward is not what they expected. Shocking, I know.

Colonia – In what’s kind of a trend this year (if you count TV’s The Path), this film also deals with cults, or at least one anyway. Emma Watson plays a young woman desperate to get her boyfriend away from the reclusive community that she thinks has abducted him.

The Boy and the Beast – From award-winning Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda comes a fantastical tale about an orphaned boy that finds his way from the streets to a magical realm filled with warrior beasts, one of whom makes the boy his apprentice. Something fun and different that the whole family can enjoy.

Grandchester – What happens when a police inspector and a reverend team-up to solve crimes in 1950s England? You get the second season of this Masterpiece Mystery featuring James Norton and Robson Green.

See you in the store!
The Thomas Staff


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