21 new movies @thomasvideo

2 days

Hi all,

Here is a listing of the new films we’ve received over the last couple of week. Hope to see you soon.

Big Eyes:
Tim Burton’s film about the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her success in the 1950s with her paintings of big eyed waifs, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, Walter, who took credit for her works. Amy Adams

Gift Horse:
A young girl who has recently lost her mother finds solace in a horse. John Schneider, Kyla Kenedy, Aiden Flowers

Foyles’ War: S8
As WW2 rages around the world, DCS Foyle fights his own war on the home-front as he investigates crimes on the south coast of England. Later series sees the retired detective working as an MI5 agent operating in the aftermath of the war.

Place to Call Home: S1
A mysterious woman is perched between the harsh legacy of World War II and the hope of a new life in Australia. Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood, Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst

Two Days, One Night:
A young woman returns to work after medical leave to find that she no longer has a job. The only way she can regain her position at the factory is to convince her co-workers to sacrifice their much-needed yearly bonuses. Marion Cotillard, Fabrizio Rongion

The Babadook:
The scary new horror hit from Australia! A single mother must battle with her son’s fear of a possibly real monster lurking in their house. Jennifer Kent

Most Violent Year:
In New York City 1981, an ambitious immigrant fights to protect his business and family during the most dangerous year in the city’s history.

Taken 3:
Ex-government operative Bryan Mills is accused of a ruthless murder he never committed or witnessed. As he is tracked and pursued, Mills brings out his particular set of skills to find the true killer and clear his name.

Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles:
Josephine and Iris, sisters with opposite personalities, have their relationship radically transformed while working on a book. Julie Depardieu, Emmanuelle Béart, Patrick Brue, Cécile Telerman

A hero’s journey with a most unlikely hero. Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one – That is, until he finds himself leading a flock on their migration to Africa.

Book of Negores:
Canadian mini-series based on the acclaimed novel following the journeys of a young woman kidnapped from Africa to be enslaved in the US. Aunjanue Ellis, Lyriq Bent, Ben Chaplin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr.

Imitation Game:
During World War II, mathematician Alan Turing tries to crack the enigma code with help from fellow mathematicians.

A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in an attempt to ensure humanity’s survival.

Into the Woods:
A witch tasks a childless baker and his wife with procuring magical items from classic fairy tales to reverse the curse put on their family tree.

Wallander: S3
A TV program centered on a soul-searching Swedish cop.

Father Brown: S1
Series inspired by the stories of GK Chesterton; a Catholic priest has a knack for solving mysteries in his English village.

After a near-fatal plane crash in WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a raft with two fellow crewmen before he’s caught by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.

Top Five:
A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancée talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.

Wolf Children:
College student Hana falls in love with another student who turns out to be a werewolf, who dies in an accident after their second child. Hana moves to the rural countryside where her husband grew up to raise her two werewolf children.

The One I Love:
Struggling with a marriage on the brink of falling apart, a couple escapes for a weekend in pursuit of their better selves, only to discover an unusual dilemma that awaits them.

Adapted from book series by James Runcie; Cambridgeshire clergyman Sidney Chambers finds himself investigating a series of mysterious wrongdoings in his small village of Grantchester.

Ciao for now,
The Thomas Staff


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