An entry in our #MovieWatchingStory.

Here’s my moviewatching story.

There is something magical about the movies. We all watch for so many different reasons: to escape, to remember, to laugh, to face fears, to be transported to a place within and outside of ourselves. This magic seems to me to grow even moreso when sharing the experience with someone else who sees film in a similar manner .

I met my ideal film-mate in my twenties. By then, I was no longer seeing every film in town (one of my good friends had moved on from her part-time job at the Cineplex with the perk of free movie access, and work and life now meant time constraints). Eclectic, obscure, foreign: there was little outside the purview other than mainstream, with some notable exceptions. There were film festivals in Toronto and Montreal, then special attention to documentaries through HotDocs. Always the local rep theatre, and always the local video store. We would analyse, celebrate, marvel at familiar story lines, critique, review in wonder. Sometimes, not often, we would bail. I had to turn my head during the “hand” scene in Winter’s Bone, fell asleep during There Will be Blood (sorry fans!), smiled in recognition of us dancing to Le Temps de L’Amour on the beach in Moonrise Kingdom. Together we updated the scripts, like The Swimmer being redone starring Brad Pitt.

Now I watch most films on my own. I analyse, celebrate, marvel, critique, review. I probably bail more often. Sometimes the one who goes is the one that we feel least equipped to lose, like losing a part of oneself. But still there are the movies, and the memories, bits I thought I had forgotten that surface when I rewatch a favourite film, hear a song from a favourite soundtrack, or see a preview of something new that would be perfect. I still watch a lot of films. I still love watching films. It is not quite the same.

I will be back for Before Sunrise again soon. CC


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