#MovieWatchingStory: Favourite Movie Watching Story


My favourite movie watching experience has to be when my friends and I got together at my place when we were in high school. We were movie buffs and had seen pretty much every movie out there, so we had a tough time picking something new. But since we would always watch movies when we hung out, we chose Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. We started watching and got so immensely bored we decided to put the movie on mute. I can’t remember which one of us had the idea, but we decided to make up the dialogue for the movie. Each of us took one or two characters and started making up what we wanted the characters to say. There was only one simple rule. We couldn’t actually say what the character was saying or go along the same thought, it had to be completely original. Aside from that, anything was open. Our responses didn’t even have to match up with what our other friends were saying. It was such a riot, we did it again to some other movies (Fellowship of the Ring, Empire Strikes Back, and pretty much any movie where it had a serious overtone). We must have watched three or four movies that day doing that. We had such a blast that the next few times we got together we would do the same routine and pick a new movie each time. We started recording what we said and put it as a ‘commentary’ track that we’d play alongside the movie on our tape player. I remember doing that so often back then, and lately I’ve had a hankering to invite some friends over, pop some popcorn, and put the movie on mute. KJ


2 responses to “#MovieWatchingStory: Favourite Movie Watching Story

  1. So funny. I remember doing the same thing with my friends in high school, but to horror films, like Friday the 13th. No recorded soundtrack though.

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