Movies filmed in or near Guelph


With the excitement of the local hangin’ (film shoot for the BBC America show Copper in Goldie Mill) we thought we’d review other shows that were filmed in or near our lovely Guelph.

Blindness: Reformatory on York Road
Total Recall: Macdonnell St.
Dream House: Via rail station
Murdoch Mysteries: New St.
Incubus: Macdonnell St.
Ordinary Magic: Queen St.
Agnes of God, History of Violence, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, eXistenZ, The Barrens, Men with Brooms, Duct Tape Forever, Virus: Rockwood
Simon Birch, Mrs. Soffel, Angel Eyes, Time of the Wolf: Elora

Let us know if we’ve missed any.             Cheers, ian


2 responses to “Movies filmed in or near Guelph

  1. Chack Zarbonneau

    Lars and the Real Girl – Elora

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