It was 30 years ago today…..March 11, 1983 Thomas Video opens

Thirty fun facts about Thomas Video

30. Was originally a franchise of an Acton store

29. At it’s peak, the Thomas Video chain had 34 stores in Southern Ontario

28. The original chain went bankrupt in 1986 and by 1990 only the Guelph store remained.

27. Four different Downtown Guelph locations for Thomas Video. 65 Macdonnell St., 129B Wyndham St. N., 128 Wyndham St. N., and current location at 60 Baker St..  Two relocation’s by choice, two by eviction. Thanks Milan. For both.

26. At the peak of the video industry, Guelph had over 40 different video stores.

25. During the 1990’s, large format video stores opened in Guelph.

24. By 2005, only three video retailers remained in Guelph; Blockbuster, Rogers and independent Thomas Video.

23. September 2011 Blockbuster closed their three shops in Guelph.

22. June 2012 Rogers discontinued renting movies at their three locations.

21. From 1983-2013 Thomas Video has carried 11 technological formats: RCA Video Disc, VHS, Beta, Playstation, Playstation 2, X-BoxLaser Disc, Compact Disc, DVD, HD Disc and Blu-Ray.

20. Currently stocking over 25, 000 films on a variety of formats.

19. Issued over 33, 000 memberships

18. Over 200 full and part time employees since 1983.

17. Only 1 day in 30 years with $0.00 in sales.

16. Started selling product on-line in 2010 on

15. First video store in Guelph to be open weekday evenings and weekends till 9pm. Everyone else closed at 5, even on Saturdays.

14. First video store to be open on Sundays.

13. First video store in Guelph to offer free memberships in 1983. Not uncommon to pay over $100 to join other video shop clubs.

12. In 1983 you could rent a video machine and 3 movies on a Monday night for $8.50 from Thomas Video.

11. First store to offer compact disc rentals. Rent music and see if you like it. While the music industry wasn’t crazy about the idea, it was  Napster that eventually killed that business model.

10. 1994 Thomas Video gets it’s first computer.

9. 2004 ian learns how to use a computer.

8. 2010 Thomas Video gets social. Media that is with a blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

7.  Video movie rental rates have remained the same at Thomas Video for over 10 years. Still a free membership.

6. 2013 Thomas Video re-brands with a new logo. Membership cards, video inserts, signage, the whole shebang.

5. June 2012 Guelph Mercury runs front page feature on Thomas Video.

4. Thomas was the name of the father of the original franchisor. Has no current relevance to the Guelph store.

3. As part of our 30 year celebration, look for a video contest with Ed Video, a pop up video store art installation and the Thomas Outdoor Piano Lounge.

2. ian has never watched Star Wars

1. Phoenix our amazing canine friend was a regular fixture at Thomas Video. RIP 1992-2002


One response to “It was 30 years ago today…..March 11, 1983 Thomas Video opens

  1. Those are really amazing facts! What an accomplishment! Happy 30th!

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