11 new movies this week at Thomas

suicide 2
Hi all,

We opened our little video store on March 11, 1983. It’s been 30 fantastic years in Downtown Guelph. While there may have a small observation on Monday, the celebrations will continue throughout the year. More to come on that.

Here’s our new flicks this week. Hope to see you soon.

Life of Pi: A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger.

Hitchcock: A love story between influential filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock and wife Alma Reville during the filming of Psycho in 1959.

All Together: Five old friends decide to move in together as an alternate to living in a retirement home; joining them is an ethnology student whose thesis is on the aging population. Jane Fonda, Geraldine Chaplin, Guy Bedos, Claude Rich

Straight A’s: Pressured by his deceased mother’s ghost to return home to the family he abandoned, a former addict grabs a bag of pills and a sack of marijuana and hits the road to Shreveport.

The Flat: As a documentarian cleans out the flat that belonged to his grandparents – both immigrants from Nazi Germany – he uncovers clues pointing to a complicated and shocking story.

Free Samples: A Stanford law-school dropout finds herself running her best friend’s ice cream truck, falling in love with one night stands, fending off locals and oddball friends alike as she doles out free soft serve…

The Monk: Visually ravishing, gothic-horror homage based on Matthew G. Lewis’ 1796 novel about a monk’s descent into depravity. Vincent Cassel, Dominik Moll

Suicide Shop: 3D animated adaptation the darkly comic Jean Teulé novel of the same name, about the Tuvache family who run a pharmacy of sorts where clients come not to cure ailments, but to find a unique tool or product to assist them with suicide. Patrice Leconte

This Is 40: A look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of Knocked Up.

For Ellen: A struggling musician takes an overnight long-distance drive in order to fight his estranged wife for custody of their young daughter. Paul Dano, Jon Heder, Jena Malone

Exit Humanity: John Geddes, the Terence Malick of low budget horrors, directs this story of a young man’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of a deadly undead outbreak during the American Civil War.

Ciao for Now,
The Thomas Staff


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