Thirsty? Look for the Blue W

Finding local restaurants, City facilities and businesses willing to fill reusable containers with municipal tap water free of charge will soon be easy, thanks to the Blue W program.

The Blue W program is a not-for-profit initiative, supported by the City of Guelph, that offers an online directory, Google map and downloadable Smartphone application that show where to access municipal tap water for free.

“Refill your reusable bottle—anywhere. It’s really that basic.” said Evan Pilkington, the Director of Blue W. “Guelph is a city full of people who appreciate tap water. Helping provide residents and visitors greater access to safe, clean municipal tap water is what Blue W is all about.”

The program officially launches in Guelph tomorrow with volunteers applying decals in windows of participating local businesses. To date more than 30 locations have signed on to be a part of the program.

Guelph’s renowned municipal water conservation and promotion efforts made it a logical first choice to launch the Blue W program. Blue W organizers plan to roll out the program in communities across Canada.

For more information about Blue W visit

Available at Thomas Video


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