New movies at Thomas

Hi all,

Yeah, summer seems to have finally arrived.

Here is our latest offering of new releases. Hope you enjoy!

Mad Men S2: The critically acclaimed pop culture phenomenon, returns in a new season bursting with one scandalous affair after another.

Night Train: A veteran conductor, a young student and a struggling salesman find a dead body on board a night train.

Devil’s Backbone: Is a stylish and unpredictable chiller from director Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Blade 2).

Chocolate: A young girl learns to fight from watching TV and the fighters from her boxing school next door.

Breakfast with Scot: Canadian gay-interest comedy about a “straight” gay couple who end up with temporary custody of a recently-orphaned boy who turns out to be a total sissy. Tom Cavanagh, Laurie Lynd, 2007.

Resolved: Engrossing documentary about high school debate teams. Refreshing presentation of teens as intelligent young adults. Greg Whiteley, 2007.

Knowing: Nicolas Cage and his hairpiece race against time to prevent a series of cataclysms from befalling Earth. Alex Proyas (Dark City), 2009.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: S1&2 Whether it’s underage drinking, homophobia or smoker’s rights, no subject is off limits for the hilariously warped gang at Paddy’s Pub.

Push: Hang on as a gang of super-powered paranormal operatives take you on a white knuckle thrill ride.

Che Part 1: The Argentine: Part one of Steven Soderbergh’s ambitious 2 part epic biopic of the famed revolutionary. Benicio Del Toro, Julia Ormond, 2008.

Rescue Me: S4 Starring Dennis Leary.

Burning the Future: West Virginia provides coal to produce electricity for half the nation. Ironically, while preserving jobs, coal mining disfigures mountainsides, destroys plant and animal species and spreads toxic groundwater. Yet so effective is the coal industry’s public relations campaign promoting “clean coal” that these long-term environmental disasters remain largely unreported. In response, documentary filmmaker David Novack provides an impassioned, harsh exposé of big coal.

Edge of Love: In the bohemian underground of World War II London, a stirring love story ignites among legendary poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys, TV’s Brothers and Sisters) and the two extraordinary women who inspire him. Sienna Miller (Casanova) is Caitlin, Thomas’ free-spirited wife, while Keira Knightley (Atonement) is Vera, the long-lost teenage sweetheart who later reconnects with Thomas. Despite their romantic rivalry, the two women form a surprisingly close bond. The trio is unusually blissful until Vera’s husband, a handsome soldier (Cillian Murphy, Girl with a Pearl Earring), sends their uninhibited lives spiraling out of control.

Helvetica: The documentary, produced in 2007 (and thus commemorating the typeface’s 50th anniversary) uses the omnipresent font as a lens, through which it examines contemporary visual culture and how typeface per se is used, aesthetically, spatially, and culturally, to impart shape and character to urban environments. Hustwit then segues into a discussion with a number of acclaimed designers about their work, their creative visions and processes and the aesthetic reasoning behind various decisions regarding font. Hustwit interviews over 20 design experts in the film, including Michael C. Place, Paula Scher, Matthew Carter and David Carson.

Two Hands: Heath Ledger gets a double shot of danger and passion in this edgy crime thriller.

Thomas Staff


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