Hot new summer releases

Hi all,

Here is the latest listing of our new releases.

We’ll start off this week with Canadian cinema. A classic from the past along with a new favorite and a historical documentary.

Goin’ Down the Road: Classic Canadian film about 2 boys from Nova Scotia who follow the rainbow to Toronto to find fortune and love but in the end get nothing. Score by Bruce Cockburn. Donald Shebib, 1970.

One Week: Recently diagnosed with cancer & confused about his upcoming marriage plans, a young man makes an idiosyncratic motorcycle journey from Toronto to Tofino, BC. Stars hunky Joshua Jackson (Fringe, Dawson’s Creek). Michael McGowan, 2008.

Passage: NFB Searching for the northwest passage. The story of Sir John Franklin.

Waltz with Bashir: Israeli director Ari Folman’s brilliant animated documentary about cultural/personal amnesia and the 1982 Lebanon war.
One night at a bar, an old friend tells director Ari about a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by 26 vicious dogs. Every night, the same number of beasts. The two men conclude that there’s a connection to their Israeli Army mission in the first Lebanon War of the early eighties. Ari is surprised that he can’t remember a thing anymore about that period of his life. Intrigued by this riddle, he decides to meet and interview old friends and comrades around the world. He needs to discover the truth about that time and about himself. As Ari delves deeper and deeper into the mystery, his memory begins to creep up in surreal images.

“Provocative, hallucinatory, incendiary, this devastating animated documentary is unlike any Israeli film you’ve seen. More than that, in its seamless mixing of the real and the surreal, the personal and the political, animation and live action, it’s unlike any film you’ve seen, period.” – Kenneth Turran (Los Angeles Times)

Three Seasons: An American in Ho Chi Minh City looks for a daughter he fathered during the war. Winner of both the Grand Jury and Audience awards at Sundance.

“This prodigiously accomplished cinematic love poem to Vietnam is the sensation of the year in American independent film. For once, the hype is almost totally justified.” – Andrew O’Hehir (

Little Jerusalem: Graceful French film that centers on a beautiful young orthodox Jewish woman trying reconcile her feelings for a Muslim co-worker. Fanny Valette, Karin Albou.

It’s Easier for a Camel: Tragicomic film about growing up in a privileged Italian family that immigrated to France in the 1970’s. Jean-Hugues Anglade, Yvan Attal, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Imaginary Bitches: S1 Hit web series about a single girl (Emmy Award winner Eden Riegel of All My Children) who deals with the lonely reality that all her friends are in serious relationships by creating imaginary ones to hang out with. The problem is is that they all are bitches. 2008.

John Adams: A miniseries on the life of John Adams and the first 50 years of the United States.

12 Rounds: Detective Danny Fisher discovers his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a ex-con tied to Fisher’s past, and he’ll have to successfully complete 12 challenges in order to secure her safe release.

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li Based on the popular video game franchise, female fighter Chun Li embarks on a quest for justice.

Eastbound & Down: S1 Years after he turned his back on his hometown, a burned-out major league ballplayer returns to teach phys ed at his old middle school.

Entourage: S5 The boys are back in the fifth season of this popular TV show.

Fired Up: The two most popular guys in high school decide to ditch football camp for cheerleader camp. For the girls and for the glory.

That’s it for now. Hope you have a great weekend.

The Thomas Staff

60 Baker St.



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